Clean drinking water,
without poison or chlorine.
Is this even possible?

The best answer is: Di-O-Clean

By far the majority of pipe cleaners work on the basis of chlorine. This means a bad taste for your animals who do not want to ingest this. The result? A lot of rinsing (water waste) or using only when empty (delay). Di-O-Clean can be used throughout the entire round. The Pt4 and Pt5 registration underlines that both you and your animals can just drink it, if diluted. It continuously clears your pipes of biofilm and simultaneously cleans the water while retaining palatability. This way you are always guaranteed clean pipes with fresh and pure water.


  • Contains no chlorine or toxic (by)products;
  • Is 260% more effective than traditional agents such as chlorine or sodium hypochlorite
  • Continuously supplies tasty, fresh and potable water;
  • Reacts directly on cell wall organisms (including bacteria, yeasts, and fungi).


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