Piet Tops - Dutch cattle farmer

Addressing the quality of the drinking water was the first step we took toward lowering the cell count. I use Di-O-Clean to keep the drinking water pipework clean, so that my
cows do not consume any harmful bacteria or mold. Good quality drinking water is a very important pre-condition for achieving high milk production per cow.

Family Deetman - Dutch pig farmer
Immediately after we started to use Di-O-Clean, our diarrhea problems were solved and our porkers’ health improved. I stopped using Di-O-Clean for a short period but the diarrhea was back very quickly. When we used Di-O-Clean again, the diarrhea was gone immediately

Family Van Leeuwen- Dutch poultry farmer

Our hens perform optimally with low mortality and a sharp feed conversion ratio. These performance levels are only possible by, on one hand, keeping the drinking water healthy with Di-O-Clean, while, on the other hand, feeding our laying hens with the best feed available. Since we started using Di-O-Clean, problems with E. coli are reduced and the biofilm layer in the water system is completely gone.

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